Tuesday, 25 August 2009

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday! I feel quite bashful about posting this, but Necky Becky is insisting ...
I had a nice cup of tea in bed this morning, (literally, because Hals jumped up and knocked it over), and lots of giraffe cards and presents and gleefulness. We're all having the day off, and tonight ... a big party at Necky Knoll House!
Dear bloggy friends, I hope that you will all indulge in a large piece of cake with us across the intergalactic miles. I wish I could transport you all through a secret portal so you could join in the party celebrations!
Time to go - I'm being summoned by Girth about the menu!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Spotlight on Nukkle the Drummer!

On my previous post, (oh, my neck - was it really so long ago?!), many of you commented how you loved Nukkle. I thought I'd treat you to a special post about him! (He's all embarrassed and gruff about it, muttering "Mmmvhhhhhhhhh!", but is really rather pleased ...)

So ... Nukkle is the drummer with the Stiffnex band. He isn't terribly tall, but he is big: big hands, big feet, wide neck, and a big heart!

By day he works as apprentice plumber and fitter at the AFF Gas plant, (Anatomically Friendly Flatulence), which powers Neckelchester village. He loves his job! (The picture above shows him with the gas plant's own special band, the AFF Gas Trumpeters).

Nukkle wears his work dungarees wherever he goes, even on stage with the Stiffnex, and keeps his tools in the pockets with his drumsticks.

This means he often gets his drumsticks and spanners mixed up, which doesn't do the drumkit much good at all ...

(You can see a video of him performing with the Stiffnex by clicking here to go to an earlier post).

Nukkle is altogether rather clumsy, and gets terribly teased by his friends. For instance, when carrying his kit down into our cellar, he slipped on some soup which Girth had slopped on the floor.

Down he went, to rise covered in Parsneck Soup!

The drums went bouncing down into the cellar, and are now rather mis-shapen!

Both Nukkle and Necky Becky are good at looking grumpy.

However, Nukkle sweats out any grumpiness when he's playing his beloved drums.

The other great love in his life is his food. Nukkle's idea of bliss is to sit on his favourite bench in the village park and eat his lunch - usually a monster sandwich called the 'Giroffimo'. This is a huge triple-decker made with both white and brown bread. Filled with toasted peppers, onions, garlic, stir-fried bananas, and three different kinds of cheese, it oozes spicy relish and mayonnaise...

One day, I'll tell you the story, 'Nukkle's Sandwich' !