Friday, 15 October 2010

Back from under the Ocean!

Hello again, dear human bloggy friends!
I hope all is well with you on planet Earth!

What a very long time since blogging ... and what adventures we giraffes have had! We've been on a fantastic nexcursion with Captain Gurgle in our new submarine, Necktunes' Chariot. I wanted to keep you all posted during our underwater journeys, but couldn't get the Interneck. Then I dropped my neckbook computer into the sea, and have had to wait till our return to buy a new one in Raffsburgh.

There is so much to tell you ... Captain Gurgle sailed Necktune's Chariot down and down into the depths of our Camelopardalian seas. We sailed past ancient giraffe citadels which have been submerged for centuries.

As the submarine went deeper and deeper, we caught glimpses through the portholes of floating seaweed, and shy giraffe sea-creatures.

Giraffe sea creatures - Raph's Ramblings by Ingrid Sylvestre UK artist & author
And what wondrous life there was on the seabed! All these nexquisite little persons chatting together among the rocks.

We managed to film this friendly Fringey, who waved at us and sang it's little sea song! I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to visiting you all over the next few days.