Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Interneck is running slow!

I don't know about you friends on planet Earth, but our Interneck has been running really slow ... I have considered sending my comments to you by snail mail, as it may be quicker!

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with our phone connecktion ...

So I looked through my telescope to see if I could spot anything amiss in the space between our worlds. All looked peaceful and harmonious.

Maureen suggested I speak to our computer nexpert, Nekky Tekky. Rather surprisingly he told me to bring the bus, the family, warm clothes and skis!

I followed his instructions, and we all set off on a journey to our polar regions. As on planet Earth, many of our server farms are situated there to keep the servers cool. Nekky Tekky suspected this may be where the problem lay.

The family wandered around enjoying the ethereal scenery, while Nekky Tekky muttered around in the server farm.

We were summoned by his triumphant squeal, "Pengrins!"

Our problem, dear bloggy friends, has been caused by colonies of pengrins warming their bottoms on the heat rising from our underground servers and blocking the intergalactic cyber-waves!

We didn't have the heart to move them, so I'll just have to put up with slower blogging ... I guess it'll give me time to eat more chocolate biscuits while the comments load up!