Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My neckst blog post - or is it my previous one?

This evening there was the most nexquisite sunset. I was out for an after-dinner stroll across the Neckmoors, thinking how wonderful it is that no matter how many times I walk here, there is always something new to see, a fresh sense of wonder! A group of wild giraffes watched as I went by before disappearing into the misty valley and overhead the giraffe-patterned sky turned from orange to pink. The scene changed so rapidly - and yet it seemed still and forever-the-same.

A few weeks ago I returned from a similar walk with Littl' Nicky. We had been talking about my blog, and he had pointed out to me that it was back to front in time ... "That makes people read the ends of stories before the beginnings, Daddy!'" As we returned home to the kitchen for mugs of tea, he told me I should make another blog with the posts in 'right way round' order.

"Oh dear!" I sighed. That sounded like a lot of work, and I couldn't quite get my neck round how to do it.

"I'll help you, dear," said Maureen.

Hours and hours and hours later, after countless mugs of tea ...

... we lifted our aching necks and cheered! It was done - my blog in chronological order! We decided to call it Raph G. Neckmann's Ramblings to differentiate it from this blog. (Necky Becky said we should just use the same title written backwards. I suddenly had the worrying thought that the whole blog might have come out backwards).

Here it is - with the first post at the top and its very own icon!

Raph G Neckmann's Ramblings by Ingrid Sylvestre UK artist & writer
Please click on this image to view my 'right-way-round' blog!

Now I will have to work out how and where to put this new post on it - and subsequent ones...