Monday, 24 December 2012

Giraffe Greetings of the Season!

Even accounting for the time-difference between our Camelopardalis Constellation and your planet Earth, dear Bloggy Friends, it has been a long time since I have communicated with you via the Interneck!

It has been a busy year for our family and friends - I shall endeavour to tell you some of our adventures neckst year. We even managed one visit to planet Earth a few weeks ago, when there was a 'nextra day' enabling us to travel in an intergalactic instant and enjoy one of your cities unseen by any human eyes! Oh the fun we had skating on your frozen river, nexploring your historic sites and buying souvenirs. (I hope our coinage was correct for the nexchange rate - it is a long time now since I left accounting!)

Here at Necky Knoll House we are in the midst of our winter festivities - delicious aromas drift across from the kitchen where Girth is preparing a feast, and The Stiffnex band are rehearsing raucously in the cellar. We all send you our heartfelt greetings and wish you much giraffitude and joy in the year ahead!

Ingrid Sylvestre Artist Designer Writer Composer Speaker Storyteller Durham North East England UK