Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Inspiration Wednesday!

Inspiration Wednesday is the inspired idea of The Weaver of Grass! Do click on her name to visit her blog, see her own post and the list of other participants ...

The idea is to blog about who or what has inspired us. Of course, I have to start with Maureen! My serene and beautiful wife, pictured above, who has been my biggest inspiration and encouragement all our years together. I've been moved to create a new header especially in celebration!

And our children! Pictured here house-hunting before finding Necky Knoll House, you can see that even though we do not always seem to be looking in the same direction, we are all sticking our necks out together!

My former work-colleagues at Storey and Tawle Accountants also gave me great encouragement in my decision to leave to follow my dream of setting up Giraffe World Tours. (They've been regular customers ever since - so it wasn't that they were glad to see the back of me!) Their gift of my lovely new telescope reminds me of them every time I use it to look across at planet Earth from our Camelopardalis constellation!

I can list so many who have stuck their necks out to follow their dreams: My glamorous sister Nektareeni, initially a lawyer, who set up her own boutique and jointly owns the Gleeful & Greedy Restaurant with her partner Girth, pictured below.

Our dear friend Trachelus Aplombus, engineer with AFF Gas and local historian.

His apprentice, Nukkle, who plays drums with The Stiffnex band in his spare time - often getting his spanners and drumsticks mixed up!

And of course all my dear human bloggy friends, without whom there would be no motivation to blog across the intergalactic space! Thank you all so much for your inspiring blogs and your encouraging comments.
I hope you will join in with us in our song, 'With Our Necks Entwined' which tells of our decision to move house and set up our family business. It has an easy to sing chorus, sung by Maureen and Nexi, and maybe you will be able to identify the rest of our family's voices in the verses!

Stick your necks out for your dreams!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Summer in Giraffe World!

It's summer time in Giraffe World, and I've hardly any time for blogging!
No doubt you are looking at the holiday snap above and thinking I've been whiling away the time drinking lemonade in exotic resorts! Not so this year - that was all before we ran our own tours company! (You may recognize part of the photo as being my 'profile' pic on blogger! It is my favourite holiday snap ...)

This summer I've been driving our Giraffe World Tours bus full of tourists! Quite tiring , but great fun too. On the photo above you can see the bus parked down in the valley. We were taking a party of Neckelchester residents on a day trip into the Mountains - Necky Becky, of course, went off on her own with Hals and got lost!

However, the biggest drain on my blogging time is the lawn-mowing ... (Do I hear groans of agreement echoing through the Intergalactic blogosphere?) Necky Knoll House has vast lawns, most of which are at vertiginous angles, making mowing a nextreme balancing act!

It's no use asking for help from one's offspring ...

But I am not entirely without assistance ... in the quiet summer evenings we hear much chewing ... Three cheers for the Knollshire snails!
I wish you all a nexcellent summer, dear bloggy friends.