Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mug Monday!

The Weaver of Grass and Acornmoon are hosting 'Mug Monday', and I thought I would join in. There's nothing I like better than a nice mug of hot tea while I read the Neckelchester News!

As you can see, our mugs in Giraffe World are ergonomically designed to suit our long necks - just like the head-rests in the motoring magazine the giraffe above is reading.
Our surface designs range from classic giraffe-markings, usually in orange, or blue ...
... to the more elaborate, as in Captain Gurgle's mug, above.

Camelopardalian mugs go back in our history. In the picture above, two lady giraffes are daintily sipping from elegant mugs.

We also have some quaint customs dating from ancient times. The above snapshot shows a giraffe practising the old habit of throwing the dregs of one's tea over a companion - believed to condition our fur and add to it's lustre.

Weaver of Grass mentioned that we could include a 'Country Living' style picture in our mug post - so here's one of the dresser in our kitchen at Necky Knoll House!
I hope you have enjoyed our Giraffe World mugs - I'm looking forward to seeing the other participants' mugs later today!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Waitering at the Gleeful & Greedy!

My apologies, dear bloggy friends, for recently keeping you waiting with blog posts and comments: while you've been waiting - I've been waitering!

On top of my already busy schedule running Giraffe World Tours, I've been helping out at the Gleeful & Greedy Restaurant at their busiest times.

As many of you know, the very popular Gleeful and Greedy is situated in Neckelchester Village, and is owned by my sister Nektareeni and her partner Girth.

Talented and good-natured Girth does everything to do with the cooking, including inventing all the delectable recipes.

Glamorous Nektareeni is the expert on wine.
I'm hopeless at both, and a little clumsy too. However, I seem to amuse the customers... (Oh dear - I've just thought - maybe they think I am a comedy act rather than a waiter!)

The real act of the evening is when Nektareeni gets up and sings.
Her favourite song is 'They call me Nektareeni.' Do click on the title to be transported to an evening at the Gleeful & Greedy!

Monday, 1 June 2009

The Giraffe Method of Stress Release ...

There are pressured times on Planet Earth, and I know that many of my human friends are feeling stressed.

I thought therefore that I would tell you about our gentle giraffe method of stress release ...

We giraffes love to eat fruit, and one of our favourites is raspberries. There is an area of land behind the shops along Neckelchester Front Street used for fruit and vegetable cultivation. Here you will find our lovely all-year-round raspberry patches.

Imagine a warm June evening. As the sun sets, the full moon rises in a pink sky, haloing the edges of the raspberry stems and leaves with light. The atmosphere is tranquil as the residents of the village move quietly among the plants.

Come and join us, dear bloggy friends. Don't let your stress build up ...

Join us in our peaceful method of stress release ... blow a gentle giraffe raspberry!

* * * * * * * * *

AWARD! A warm thank you to Mad Aunt Bernard for giving me the Zombie Chicken Award for silliness. I take my silliness very seriously, and really appreciate this. Do visit her splendid blog, where you can see the award, (I can't seem to load awards up on my computer), and read her tortoise poetry and other wonderful posts. (You know, I think she is rather neccentric too!)