Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Giraffodil Poem

The first of April seems like a good time to make myself look a little silly!

I'm referring to my foray into writing a poem around this time last year. No-one really knew my blog existed then, so I was relatively unabashed. But now ... a good number of you are proper poets! However, I'll stick my neck out and post it again anyway.

Poetry is something I know very little about - but I know what I like! My favourite poem of all time is 'Moonlit Apples' by John Drinkwater.

I first read it during my student years and was captivated by its sense of wonder. All my life a sense of wonder has been one of my most cherished 'riches'. The Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! recently posted about wonder and describes it far better than I ever could.

Plants are one of my passions. The sight of the wild giraffodil Narcissus sylvestris ssp. giraffodil growing in woodland fills me with the most exquisite wonder.

I used the structure of 'Moonlit Apples' as an homage to John Drinkwater for all the pleasure his poem has given me.

My poetic effort and language is 'over-the-top' I know - but I suppose that is what you would expect from a giraffe!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not in my briefcase!

My friend Eleanor of Thatchwick Cottage set me the task some time ago of talking about Five items that aren't in my briefcase but ought to be there!

I do apologize for taking so long to post: firstly, we have been nextra busy with our spring entrepreneurial exploits, and secondly, most days I can't even find my briefcase!

So, I have at last caught up with myself, my time and my briefcase. However, as you will see - it is lacking in some very important contents ...

Number 1: A phone! Yes, I know ... I am very old fashioned, but I really am not a mobile phone person. Give me the stylish old proper telephones any time! But they are a little bulky to cram into my case!

Number 2: What do you notice about the smart business-giraffe in the above picture? He is carrying an umbrella! He must have a much better memory than I do, because I nearly always forget my umbrellas in cafes and shops. Therefore I really ought to have a small telescopic umbrella to keep in my briefcase.

Number 3: The focus of business is allegedly supposed to be money. Money is not my focus. Maybe this is why I usually forget to carry any with me.

Number 4: A newspaper. When I buy my Neckelchester News, I immediately scour it from end to end, preferably sitting on a sunny bench. My head full of thoughts and ideas which arise from my reading, I absent-mindedly leave the paper on the bench. I suppose it's better than carrying the paper away and forgetting my briefcase!

Number 5: The final item I ought to carry in my briefcase but do not, is a nice brew of hot tea and some food!
"Ah!" I hear you saying, "He forgets his lunch too!"
Blushingly, I have to confess, dear bloggy friends, I certainly never ever forget food. I remember it far too early in the day ... and eat it all! My lunch is devoured well before time for elevenses - my briefcase is lighter and I am not!

Over to you! I leave the picking up of this meme to my readers - if you would like to talk about five things that are not in your briefcase or handbag, but ought to be, I would be very glad to read your post!
Thank you Eleanor for setting me this task!
For everyone: Here's a question ... you now know five things I haven't got in my briefcase. Please tell me what you think I do have in my briefcase!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spotlight on Giraffe Attire

I've been pondering how customs, fashions and social style develop in our attire.

Some items of clothing or accessories start with a very pragmatic use. Take, for instance, the humble tyre. Initially invented to facilitate transport, we giraffes discovered it was also useful for learning to swim. A few tyres worn round our long necks kept us afloat as youngsters until we had mastered the crawl!

However, as the above fashion magazine picture (from our teenage daughter Nexi's bedroom) illustrates, what began sensibly has now become a rather ridiculous fashion accessory. Nexi, of course, disagrees vehemently with me! (At least I never have to carry a spare when she's on the bus with us!)

I wonder how many fashions begin completely unintentionally?


In my last post I had hoped to develop something that had begun as a grooming faux pas into a stylish fashion statement!

I had worried that you might all think I was standing for UK Prime Minister ... My fears were unfounded ... no-one even noticed! At first I thought you were all being polite. Then I realized, of course, you were all focussed on Derrick's lovely photos!

So here I go again - under the spotlight!

Before you all think I've gone totally neccentric, let me explain that this is all the result of reading a wonderful post by The Weaver of Grass entitled 'Is it just me?'

Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Marvellous Melrose Meme Present!

I had a lovely surprise the other day ... my meme present from Derrick of Melrose Musings! (This was a fun meme where the first five people to comment on Derrick's post would receive a present specially made, just for them, by Derrick himself).

You can imagine my nexcitement when I found a parcel addressed to me, just outside the secret portal behind the cacti!
I carried it safely back through the portal into Giraffe World, and rushed home to Necky Knoll House. What could it be?

Maureen and the family all watched as I opened the cardboard tube ...

There inside was an exquisitely beautiful image of Melrose Abbey, photographed and manipulated by Derrick into a lovely pastel range of colours!

"Pink!" squealed Necky Becky and Nexi simultaneously.

"How atmospheric and serene!" sighed Maureen.

As I held up the picture, I realized that there was not only one present, but two! Underneath was a print of the original photograph Derrick had taken of the Abbey ... wonderful!

We lost no time in getting both pictures framed, so we could hang them on our walls! You can see them both here in the frames made for us by Gaffer Giraffter of Our Neck of the Woods Timber.

As they were my present, I chose the room. "Definitely the sitting room, where they will be most seen and appreciated by us and all our guests!" I said.

As a family we thought we'd try different placings near our fireplace.

Maureen, Littl' Nicky and I all agreed that they looked best hung one-over-the-other next to the fireplace.

My sister Nektareeni and Girth preferred them one on either side.

Nexi, of course, had to reorganize everything ... She took the mirror from above the fireplace and repositioned it upright on the wall next to the fire. (So she could get a full view of herself - I'm sure she managed to stretch the mirror, it wasn't that big before!)

Necky Becky stated that we could have the original photograph over the fire, but she wanted the pink and pastel one for her attic room ...

Help me, dear bloggy friends!

Where do you think these lovely pictures look best?

And Derrick, a most hearty THANK YOU from all of us at Necky Knoll House!

Monday, 2 March 2009


Tom Atkins' lovely poem 'Ivy' set me thinking about my favourite ivy, Goldheart. (Hedera helix 'Goldheart' if you like your Latin!)

As well as admiring the plant, I've always loved the name. Goldheart! Heart of Gold ... It conjures up all good things: kindness, generosity, loyalty, inner beauty, love.

My train of thought has continued on to remember the many 'Goldhearts' in my life.
I am keenly aware of the recession and economic trials currently on planet Earth, so my focus has been on people who have helped me at times of extreme economic pressure in my own life.
When Maureen and I have gone through hardship, unable even to buy food, there have been Goldhearts. Folk who have brought provisions ... It has seemed quite significant that these were not often from the comfortably off or the wealthy. On the contrary, many could be referred to as the 'have nots'. Yet they shared what they had: half a loaf of bread ... some fruit ... cereal ...
In those dark times they shone like beacons - and they will always continue to do so in my memory and in my heart.
Giraffe Necky Becky and Hals, Raph's Ramblings by Ingrid Sylvestre UK artist & author Sometimes it is a word of encouragement or affirmation that is given. When my neck is wilting at the obstacles on a chosen path, the word 'Yes!' can make me stand up straight and stick my neck out for my dreams once more!

'Yes, I know you will make it through!' ... 'Yes, you have what it takes!'
At other times what we may need to sustain us is beauty. Beauty in nature, inner beauty, the beauty of art.
One of my very favourite blog posts, which made me cry many tears of joy, is 'Beauty' by L. Rochelle at Two Ghosts.

Gold in the pocket is very nice . Gold in the heart is beyond price.

******One whole year of blogging!
On 3rd March I will have been blogging for a year! Most of you will not have read my earlier posts, as I didn't enable the Comments facility until around December. If you would like to read my first post, on March 3rd 2008, click on The Escape of a Giraffe Accountant!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the year - but by far the most fun has been meeting all of you wonderful bloggers, reading your posts and exchanging comments. Thank you dear bloggy friends!