Thursday, 19 May 2011

Reminiscing & new beginnings as we stick our necks out for our dreams!

This time of year is a rather nostalgic time for me. We have been celebrating the anniversary of when we moved to our lovely new home, Necky Knoll House, and set up our Giraffe World Tours family business. And with every anniversary, there is a time of looking back as well as looking forward.

I remember standing outside our old home, Neckmoor Cottage, and bidding the rugged scenery farewell. A group of wild giraffes stood silhouetted in the twilight.

As we packed all our belongings ready to move, Maureen and I looked at each other, and I knew we were thinking the same thoughts.

It was on the journey to our new home that Maureen first sang our Beginning song, looking out of the windows of the bus. Now we sing it every year in the Spring.

So here we are, in the warm friendly squabbly family glow of everydayness. As we sing, we remember ... and we also look forward, sticking our necks out for our dreams!

'It's the beginning
Of something new,
Something to wait for
Dreams coming true.
Life for living
Places to see,
Being the things that
We want to be.

Though we go
By road unknown,
We move on
Though we seek
Freedom of mind,
Strength we find
In harmony.'

(c) Ingrid Sylvestre - Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Author, Songwriter - Durham, North East England UK