Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Forest Walk in Spring

Early this morning we looked nexcitedly out of the windows of Necky Knoll House to see if the sun was shining. Yes! It was perfect weather for our planned day out in the Forest, with a beautiful dawn light playing on the sides of the Knolls.

The morning mist still clung to the valleys, and as we drew near to the Forest it seemed to beckon mysteriously.

Littl' Nicky toddled on ahead. "Ooh, Daddy!" he nexclaimed, "Flowers!"

Further into the Forest, we caught a glimpse of some flying girigglies, who performed a Spring dance while Nexi and Necky Becky watched, spellbound.

There were woodland creatures everywhere! A long wrigglie paused for me to take his photo as he scuttled nexuberantly among the leaves and mosses.

We saw beautiful little mounds of giraffe moss on some old stone walling, back lit by the sun to look like miniature citadels.

Everywhere we noticed signs of the coming Spring - each twig studded with buds bursting into life!

In the shadows of the trees grew the lovely little Giranthus flowers, shining like miniature lanterns.

And the sweet Viola giraffata greeted us shyly with bowed heads.

As our children ran ahead of us along the path, Maureen and I recalled happy memories of days spent in this beautiful place, and looked forward to many more.

(c) Ingrid Sylvestre - Artist, Illustrator, Landscape Painter, Writer, Sylvan Muse, Interpretive Panels, Durham North East England UK