Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Holidays to all our Friends!

Happy Holidays to all our dear human bloggy-friends from the Neckmann family in Giraffe World, Camelopardalis Constellation!

The family were so eager to see the lovely little tree-house where I took refuge when lost in the snow, that we decided to spend our Midwinter Holiday here!

We took neckloads of festive food, with enough to share with any of the tree-giraffes who may be around. It's quite full in the little house with all our duvets on the floor, but it's gloriously snug and fun.

Have a lovely holiday, and stick your necks out for your dreams!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Which way neckst?

For days and days I stayed in the warm little tree-house refuge, watching for a lessening of the snow, and reading. Oh the cosiness and comfort of roasted nut casseroles and winter fruit loaf, but how I missed my family! I hoped they were reading this blog, so they wouldn't be too worried about me.

One magenta-hued afternoon the snow seemed to have stopped, and I stood outside on a branch and surveyed the landscape below. It was time to set off to find my way home ...

I walked long across snow-covered hills and valleys, craning my neck to see what lay ahead. All was well until I reached a frozen river that opened out to a large lake. All ice-covered and daunting to a giraffe with a tendency to clumsiness! But where else could I go?

Tentatively I stepped forward on to the ice. As I slithered and swayed, I caught sight of what looked like a strange sea monster in the distance. Crash! Distracted, I landed flat on the ice, and quickly crawled my way back to the shore.

A terrific sound of cracking ice followed, and I was startled to see the ice moving up rather than down! As I gazed in consternation, imagine my surprise when heard a merry voice raised in song: 'Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!' From beneath the ice rose the familiar and oh-so-welcome shape of Necktune's Chariot, with Captain Gurgle grinning at the helm! Behind him the dear faces of my family beamed and I heard Necky Becky shrieking 'Dad, Dad!' Maureen stood in the doorway and held out her hand.

What celebration on the way home! The non-stop party we've had since arriving back at Necky Knoll House!

Thank you dear tree giraffes for your cosy refuge. And thank you to Blogger, for it was from seeing my posts and photos that Captain Gurgle was able to work out my whereabouts!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lost - and safe - in a Tree!

What a night I had! Yesterday I was lost in the snow, wandering round and round in the mountains with no idea where I was going. It was such a comfort, having my Intergalactic mobile phone, and being able to communicate with my human bloggy and twitter friends! But I had no means of contacting my fellow giraffes to find my whereabouts.

I suddenly had the idea of climbing a tree. As a magnificent sunset shone all around me, I surveyed the landscape.

Nothing recognisable. Tired and weary, I was turning to climb down, when I saw a small green doorway. Beyond the open doors was a lovely little room, with food, a warm cosy bed, and even some books. Oh bliss, oh safety! I had found one of the resting-houses created by our rambling tree-giraffes!

'Thank you', I sighed. I climbed gratefully into bed, and drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Snow is getting deeper!

We've been drinking so much hot chocolate that we've already gone through the supply I brought the other day! I'm walking to the village again to get some more.

It's such a beautiful sunny winter's day ...

The snow seems to be getting deeper. I can't quite see where I'm heading - hope I'm going the right way!


A big THANK YOU to Solitary Walker, for his comment warning me I was heading for a ravine!

Now I've got to work out where I am and how to get to Neckelchester village and back home to Necky Knoll House!