Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Birthday Weaver of Grass, and Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

Happy Birthday to our dear bloggy-friend the Weaver of Grass!

(Did you know, Weaver, that you were the first human to comment on my blog!)

Here Maureen and I and Littl' Nicky are strolling down one of our favourite lanes past the tall barn at the edge of the Wood. There's a lovely Autumn feel in the air, and the breeze is swishing through the trees. The Wood beckons and we lift our necks in glee knowing we have a lovely walk ahead of us.

And Happy Hallowe'en to everyone!

Here's a special 'spooky' picture, taken in our Forest. (Necky Becky wanted to be on this one!) Our trees like to dance before the moon, and we'll soon be having our Hallowe'en party! (We haven't a clue what Hallowe'en is about, but all you dear bloggy friends seem to enjoy it, so we thought we'd stick our necks out and celebrate it too!).

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Our Nextra Day Nexcursion from September 31st

Hooray, dear bloggy friends - I have time to blog again! We've been having a nextremely busy autumn, and I've missed you all. I've been longing to tell you about our special nexcursion!
Here in Giraffe World we have what are known as Nextra Days. These are special days which some other planets do not have, and one of them is September 31st. We giraffes do so love to visit Planet Earth, and the best time to do so en masse is when we cannot be seen by humans! So it was with great nexcitement that we all piled into the Tours Bus at dawn for our journey through the Secret Portal behind the Intergalactic Cacti. ... We'd decided to visit a city in the UK called Durham. What a charming historical location! We had the Market Place all to ourselves, and our presence energized a giraphic transformation of some of the features.
Later, we wandered down to the River below the spectacular Cathedral. Some of our party enjoyed rowing giraffe-style while the rest of us watched from the banks.

At the end of a lovely day we squeezed back through the secret portal, singing and laughing all the way home.

Ah - but not all of us! With typical rebellious neck, our middle child, Necky Becky decided she'd like to spend another day in Durham, without thinking that the 1st of October was not a Nextra Day, and the place would be full of humans! She sneaked off the bus as it slowed down by the Cacti and made her way back through the portal.
As soon as we got home Maureen and I noticed her absence. I spent a long night travelling back to Planet Earth, and searched everywhere for Necky Becky, taking care not to be seen by humans. At last I spotted her - she had got into the Town Hall, and was standing defiantly in the window behind some famous Durham County cricketers who were being photographed. (She does like to be in the limelight!)

I managed to take this photo of her, and persuaded her to come back to the bus immediately by promising her she could learn to play cricket. Ah, the trials of giraffe parent-hood ...

(c) Durham Artist Ingrid Sylvestre - Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Author, Songwriter, Speaker and Giraffe Lady.