Thursday, 20 March 2008

Offer Accepted - Necks Step Forward!

Wonderful news! The owners of Necky Knoll House have accepted our offer. We heard yesterday afternoon, and decided to celebrate in the evening with a special meal out.

On the way home we took a 'thank you' present to my sister Nektareeni for telling us about the property. We ended up having a second meal, (even bigger than the first one!), at the restaurant she runs with her partner Girth. Over coffee and hot chocolate we all discussed the way ahead for our business-to-be, Giraffe World Tours. Nektareeni and Girth will be helping with the catering, and were full of ideas for exciting recipes and menus. Necky Knoll House is only a little way down the road from their restaurant so this plan should work well. Their culinary masterpieces are irresistible.

Filled to the tops of our necks, we took a stroll through the village and along the road to Necky Knoll House. Standing outside in the clear still night looking up at our future home was a momentous experience. There is so much to look forward to: new home, new business, new adventures! Spring is a good time to begin ...

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