Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Narcissus sylvestris giraffodil

I find plant-life fascinating and always look forward eagerly to the spring, when every stroll reveals new treasures!

Yesterday in my lunch-break I wandered around the grounds of Raffsburgh Castle. In the wooded area some of the wild giraffodils were out already - Narcissus sylvestris ssp. giraffodil - hardy little things, nodding their heads in the March wind.

I sat on a nearby bench to eat my sandwiches, (peanut butter and cucumber today - gorgeous!), and found I was nodding my head along with the giraffodils. I suppose passers-by thought I was listening to music, though it was pretty obvious I hadn't got any of those plug things in my ears. (I got hiccups after a while so went back to the office for some water).

Anyway ... a predilection for plants seems to run in the family. My mother used to spend hours doing botanical illustrations. She painted the illustration of Narcissus above. While we were house hunting at the weekend, Littl' Nicky discovered an early garden variety of giraffodil which had the most wonderful fragrance!

I do hope we find a house with great garden potential.

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