Friday, 21 March 2008

A Giraffe named Oswald: the infinite uses of Teabags

Our middle child, Necky Becky, came home from school this week with a wonderful creation. The children were working on art projects using discarded materials. The purpose was to teach them responsibility for the environment and introduce the concepts of conserving resources, economy and recycling. All this combined with developing their imagination and creativity.

Necky Becky decided to make a hand-puppet. She constructed him from a sock, teabags which had been used and dried out, and the rooty bits from the ends of spring onions. His name is Oswald.

Well done Necky Becky! I think he looks fantastic, and she's used some unconventional materials in an innovative way. She's also fulfilled the brief, except in one thing - that was one of my favourite walking socks, and it was not discarded!

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