Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Giraffe House Hunting

The weather over the weekend was perfect for house hunting, warm and sunny, with that lovely spring feeling which makes you arch your neck in anticipation of a great day!

We set out on our expedition with a list of requirements written down by Nexi during a family discussion we had on Friday evening.

Maureen had picked up a collection of brochures from various estate agents, and we selected properties we thought may meet our needs. We decided to start out on the far side of Raffsburgh and work our way back towards the Neckmoors.

There are some fascinating places out there! Nexi fell in love with about eight of them, all of which were most interesting and had a certain idiosyncratic appeal, but were totally impractical.

Necky Becky turned her nose up at everything except a rather dilapidated farm which had boarding kennels attached. She had the idea of a sub-business breeding Neckshunds. Nexi thought that she could redesign the kennels to be used as holiday flatlets. Things started to get heated. In the middle of all this sisterly squabbling, Littl' Nicky piped up and said he'd just noticed Hals rolling in a steaming pile of manure ...

Luckily there was a hose-pipe next to the kennels. After much spraying and squealing, we climbed rather soggily back into the car. I told the girls that we were starting a tours company, not a holiday camp or a canine breeding station.

By now everyone except Maureen was tired and tetchy, so we stopped for tea and jiraffa cakes in a little village, then drove home.

The sunset was so awesomely beautiful that we decided to leave the car in the farmyard near our cottage so we could walk home along the ridge. The majestic sky and the wonder of our surroundings lifted our spirits. From feeling a little despondent because we hadn't found anywhere to buy, we ended the day necks high, knowing that our perfect place was out there waiting for us!

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