Monday, 17 March 2008

Necky Knoll House knocks our Spots off!

The whole family's necks were sticking eagerly out of the sunroof as I drove the car along the road from Neckelchester. It was Saturday afternoon, and we were on our way to view the house about which my sister had spoken.

Neckelchester is in the county of Knollshire, which gets its name from the little rounded knolls which pattern the landscape like upside-down green puddings. The sky was overcast and the fresh March wind kept scattering the clouds to reveal shimmering shafts of pale sunlight which made the greens of spring seem luminous.

I will never forget our first glimpse of Necky Knoll House. As we rounded a bend in the road, it suddenly came into view and everyone fell silent. It was beautiful.

Everything seems right about this house: its location, privacy, garden, spaciousness, and its atmosphere. It is also 'vacant with immediate possession', as the owners are working abroad.

We arranged with the agent to view again on Sunday in the evening, to get the feel of the place at night. It felt the same ... perfect!

For once, even Nexi and Necky Becky were in agreement. They wanted the house. We all wanted it so much that we were actually quiet! Quiet on the way home, quiet back at the cottage. We just kept nodding our heads at each other like a clump of giraffodils.

As soon as the kids had gone to bed, Maureen and I simultaneously came up with exactly the same offer price. This morning I rang the agent and put in our offer!

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