Friday, 12 December 2008

The Glorious Giraffeness of Everything!

I'm not getting different glasses!

After a week of my daughter Nexi neckling at me to get some 'cool' frames, and arguing about which of the photos she'd taken of me was best, I was feeling a little nexasperated.

I turned to Maureen.

"What should I do?" I sighed.

"Nothing!" replied Maureen. "You are who you are. All the years I've known you, you've looked like Raph G. Neckmann. Don't change!"

Oh, the joy of being true to one's self and the glorious giraffeness of everything!

Yesterday one of my pans of chutney boiled over. (I admit, I was distracted by blogging, and when I was about to clear up the mess, I got dragged away to practise our song for tomorrow). What a wonderful surprise I had today, to discover the spillage on the AFF Gas cooker had set into the most beautiful giraffe-pattern!

I feel at one with the universe!


craftimamma said...

I haven't had a long browse of your blog but what a fun time I've had. I followed your link from Artylicious (Glenda Waterworth)blog. I will be back at a more civilised hour (it's 00.48).

Gillian L. said...

Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog Ralph. I have enjoyed reading your posts and your wonderful drawings!


The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated your Wind in the Willows comment.

I'm sticking my neck out here, but I truly believe your gas ring may be in an even dirtier state than mine at the moment!

Unfortunately mine has not such an interesting pattern as yours after the fish dinner we had last night. Just Pollock without the Jackson, one might say.